How lucky can I get!?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yesterday my very good friend and fellow photog Suzanne with Lookie Loo Photography came all the way up from Draper to take my family pictures... and as if that weren't enough, she drove a little further to one of my fav locations (which is now one of her fav's hehe)! The results were totally awesome and artsy! I love them!! Go check them out and give her some well deserved blog love!!!
I will post some on here when I get them from her :)


The Stevens said...

suzanne did an AH-MAZING JOB! I love love them all. So incredible I can't even say enough. Plus you are such a cute family. I Like how riley is not only smiling but laughing. so perfect.

jessica said...

Just checked out your pictures...I love 'em! And I'm so glad you finally got some that you really like...they're great! I especially love the candid one of all of you and the close up of Brayden looking straight at the camera. What a cutie! And to get Riley to smile! yay!
Hope you're feeling good :)

Suzanne said...

Seriously, you can't get much luckier than that!! Haha! I had a blast with you and your family. Thanks for asking me to do it!

Kasey said...

Hey Brittany. My name is Kasey Wardell. Apparantly we are in the same ward and I was given a piece of paper with your name, number, and blogspot on it. My husband and I are the ones with 2 sets of twins 10 months apart. You do awesome work. I was wondering what your prices are like. Feel free to write on my blog or email me at Thank you! Have a happy day! Lataz~Kasey