Miracles really DO happen!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A miracle came in the form of a smile on my baby girls face today!! After many failed attempts at getting Riley to smile with a camera present, today we finally succeeded!! And not just one picture, but multiple happy, laughing, cuteness filled pictures!! I made a big deal out of her looking so cute and talked her into taking a drive with our boys to take some pictures... and she was excited!! Man oh man what a day!!! Good thing Daddy was there to keep the smiles coming! I got some really fun ones of Brayden too... he is always up for it :)Okay so this isn't a smile, but I love the expression...
PURE JOY!!! Oh how I love her :)
Here's one of Brayden's famous self picked poses :) He cracks me up!
I told him I wanted to take a picture of his eyes and he gave me this... hehe
Just for fun :)
Speaking of miracles and cute kids... 32 weeks to go and counting!


Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh these are amazing! You did it! I haven't really seen her smile a lot so I couldn't say this before but in picture number 7 she has her mama's smile! You did great. I love the color in all of them and the outfits are adorable!

I have to admit I got teary eyed at the end with the picture of the test. So sweet. Great job.

jessica said...

freakin' cute! Love them all...and oh my gosh Brayden looks like you in the second one by the orange wall! Great way to announce the new one too :) Congrats! Love the location too. How fun!

David Terry said...

Ah, cute pictures! Love the colors! :)

And congrats on the future addition. :)

M.Kerkmann said...

Your pictures are always so fun, and I love looking at them!

As every else has said, congrats on being preggers! Yay for you guys!