Keepin' me busy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I know that a few of you are anxiously awaiting your pictures (or posts for that matter) and I am working my hardest to get them done! I am also trying to prep for another busy spring/summer! I already have most of my wedding slots filled which is really exciting!! There are a couple left in May for you spring brides out there, wink wink! I also want to leave some availability for those seniors, families and so on... so if you are thinking about getting a session with me sometime in the near future now is the time to call, e-mail or whatever to get your spot!! Since I will be PRETTY pregnant a good part of the summer, I will be cutting down on number of sessions beginning in June... very few in July... and August is pretty much blacked out until I know how I will be feeling! Thanks to all of my wonderful clients that keep me busy and loving every minute (well most minutes anyways)!! :)


Oakstream Photography said...

I have to say that I saw your profile pic on FB...those are some way cute pics of you!!!!!!

DMC Studios said...

Hey thanks for the comments! Are you going to Chicago for a wedding? Shooting downtown there was one of the greatest memories i have! It was so full of life and eye candy for photographers. There's a couple shots that I wish I could go back and rework, but we were on a time limit. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Have fun!