Special Delivery :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I love babies all tiny and new... especially when the baby belongs to one of my best friends!! Shanna became a mommy early morning April 4th. Her whole labor and delivery experience is one that every first time mom would hope for :) LUCKY! I was so excited to hear the news later that day and started planning his newborn shoot right away!! haha So on Easter (his due date) I went over to snuggle and snap some cute pictures of Treyson! He was not your typical week old baby... he was very alert for the most part and he didn't like to snuggle in a ball when I tried to put him like that... he would just stretch and wiggle!! But I love this little guy soooo much and I can't wait to take a million more pictures of him as he grows!! :) Congrats again Shanna and Andy... you two should a have a dozen with how cute he turned out!!!

Even though he was fighting it... I still managed to get a couple snugly pictures :)
I also wanted to take some FIRST family pictures!! I love how new parents can't get enough of their baby!
I love his expression in this one!
Sooo in love with this one


jessica said...

ADORABLE!!! How could I not just have one more??!

Sara said...

These are fabulous! You can definitely plan on shooting my next baby!!