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Friday, May 1, 2009

Well I have held off long enough and just had to post some more of Kylee and Rodney's engagements!!! I absolutely love how they turned out!! They have amazing chemistry and capturing that was incredible! I can't wait for June to get here and to be on my way to Chicago for their special day!! Its going to be my dream wedding for sure!! Well enough talking... more posting... and yes its a total picture overload! :)


It's A Wonderful Life said...

It's good to see things are going well for you! I love all your pictures!
In order for us to be able to view EACH OTHERS blog, I am making my blog public for a limited time...I will add a post where you can give me your email so I can add you as a reader when my blog is no longer public! I hope to hear more from you! =0)
Thanks, Sara Anderson

Amanda said...

these are so great! i love the one of them walking away!