It was like I wasn't even there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

These two could barely take their eyes off one another! And I think that's the way it should be. I did have them look my way a time or two but I love engagements for the exact reason... they are so caught up in each other that it makes my job so blissfully sweet! I love LOVE! :)

 DSC_2458-68-9 DSC_2444-54-8 DSC_2474-84-13 DSC_2494-104-14 DSC_2508-118-15 DSC_2523-133-18 DSC_2532-142-19 DSC_2594-204-23 DSC_2577-187-22 DSC_2620-230-26 DSC_2648-258-30 DSC_2665-275-33

This is their "what we will look like when we are old with no teeth" picture! LOL Gosh I love these guys!

 DSC_2700-4-40 DSC_2708-12-41 DSC_2718-22-44 DSC_2710-14-42 DSC_2733-37-47 DSC_2754-58-51 DSC_2769-73-54 DSC_2803-107-57 DSC_2815-119-59 DSC_2843-147-63 DSC_2850-154-64 DSC_2888-192-70 DSC_2897-201-72 DSC_2911-215-74 DSC_2916-220-76 DSC_2917-221-77


Chrissy said...

Absolutely adorable!!

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Andee said...

Adorable! cool locations!!