Alyssa & Casey

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the second time I have taken "couple" pictures for these two... we keep hoping it will turn into some engagements soon! haha JK Don't worry Casey no more pressure from me... I can wait! It will be totally worth it when it happens! In the meantime, you guys look HOT! ;)

 DSC_6368-74-18 DSC_6404-110-23 DSC_6327-33-8 DSC_6335-41-10 DSC_6473-179-40 DSC_6482-188-42 DSC_6496-202-46 DSC_6532-238-8a DSC_6522-228-7a DSC_6534-240-9a DSC_6470-176-39 DSC_6460-166-36 DSC_6445-151-32 DSC_6548-254-56

I couldn't resist doing this pose... she's their "baby"!! haha

 DSC_6567-273-59 DSC_6585-291-63 DSC_6582-288-62 DSC_6577-283-61

And just for fun...

 DSC_6610-307-66 DSC_6613-310-67 DSC_6620-315-69

Don't worry Casey... we all love you anyways ;)

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Ivy Ann said...

AMAZING! such character and attitude :) love it!