Kassie's seniors

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kassie was such a fun girl to work with! I loved her cowgirl hat! It was so fun to work into her shoot! :)

 DSC_4521-17-4 DSC_4542-38-7 DSC_4549-45-8

She brought along the family dog to take a couple shots with :)

 DSC_4574-70-12 DSC_4593-89-15 DSC_4603-99-16 DSC_4620-116-18 DSC_4746-126-31 DSC_4765-145-34 DSC_4810-190-39 DSC_4711-91-27 DSC_4735-115-29

1 comment:

Crystal Nelson said...

oh my GOSH i LOVE that barn one!