They keep coming back for more

Monday, January 4, 2010

I love that my aunt and uncle get their pictures taken every year with me! Its so fun to look back and see how much the kids have changed from last year! Our kids are such good little friends and Caroline is one of my favorite people in the world! Here's some of my favorites :)

 DSC_5473-63-1a DSC_5453-43-5 DSC_5427-17-2a DSC_5557-147-23 DSC_5571-161-27 DSC_5508-98-13 DSC_5521-111-15

Oh don't you just want to kiss those little lips?! And I am so in love with his curls!

 DSC_5536-126-19 DSC_5548-138-21 DSC_5590-180-31 DSC_5606-196-35 DSC_5621-211-38 DSC_5644-234-42 DSC_5668-258-46 DSC_5689-279-48 DSC_5695-285-50 DSC_5707-297-52 DSC_5684-274-47 DSC_5722-310-55 DSC_5738-320-56b

I have wanted to do this shot forever! :)

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Lexy said...

I LOVE the family feet shot! SOOOO CUTE!!! WHen our family gets older and bigger I want to do this! :)