Quinn :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just like her big sister Avery W. I am the lucky photography that gets to document these sweet hearts growing up! Little Quinn wasn't so fond of the whole idea at first, but I was still tickled pink with how they turned out :) She really is such a pretty little baby! And I just had to get some of big sister too!

 DSC_7691-33-4 DSC_7693-35-2

Even though she still had the bink in her mouth, it was one of mommy's favorites!

 DSC_7701-43-8 DSC_7719-61-11 DSC_7749-91-15 DSC_7795-137-25 DSC_7824-166-30 DSC_7856-198-35 DSC_7851-193-34 DSC_7876-218-37 DSC_7915-257-48

And of course being that her Auntie is the owner of Piggy's and Petals, she had plenty of cute accessories for her shoot! :) I love her stuff!!

 DSC_7971-313-58 DSC_7988-7-60 DSC_8010-29-69 DSC_8000-19-63 DSC_8017-36-71 DSC_8020-39-72 DSC_8033-52-76 DSC_8041-60-78 DSC_8075-94-83

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