Two friends.

Friday, May 21, 2010

So what is crazy-funny about this couple is that I am friends with both of them... you might think "big deal" until I tell you that I met them in DIFFERENT high schools in two DIFFERENT states! Ross was one of my best friends up in Washington when I lived there for my 10th grade year with my dad. He was always there for me and being with his family was like a home away from home :) Kari and I were the only two seniors in our Health class here in Logan, so we bonded over that amongst all the freshman and sophomores! haha They grew up knowing each other and have remained friends all these years! They couldn't be more perfect for each other :) I am so incredibly happy for the both of them and so lucky to be their photographer! I can't wait for next month when they get married on the Oregon Coast!! YAY!
First here are just some fun ones we got on a carousel :) You should know that Ross takes nothing seriously! Gotta love that guy! LOL

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But then again... neither does Kari! See PERFECT! haha


I love this one!

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Proof that we had way too much fun!

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Alisha said...

So fun to go to Oregon to shoot :) Good job, I love the beach ones!

Kari VanZanten said...

You are so amazing! Whenever I show people the pictures they ALL tell me how much they love them and how amazing they are!!!!

LookieLooSuz said...

Brittany!!!!!! You are so amazing! I totally love this shoot. I need to shoot with you and learn from your mad posing skills and ideas!!

Sara Anderson said...

Wow that is a crazy story of how you know them both! And you're going to Oregon to do their wedding? How far do you travel to do pics usually? I'm so jealous I haven't seen much of the world yet! But I also love the beach pics you did! Awsome job!