Daddy's and their little girls...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have come to find there is something special between a daddy and his little girl. I see it twice over everyday in my house. They are their little princesses and usually have him wrapped around their tiny little fingers from day one! Tonight I was reading the updates on Preslee and saw that her dad Pat was the one to post. I should have known it would pull on my heart strings, because daddy's and their little girls always do. I tear up every time I shoot a wedding and a song like "I loved her first" comes on and you see the bride, who hasn't cried all night, finally does when she looks up at her dad! Every time I see this it makes me well up inside with emotions knowing someday that will be my amazing husband dancing with our little girls!

Pat and Ashley... you are both such amazing examples of strength and faith! I am still praying for that sweet little girl of yours and I hope she never stops fighting!

A Father's LOVE


This one says it all.

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Beautiful pic. I love it!!! Dads are the most amazing men a girl can know.