Kayla + Donovan {Wedding}

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kayla and Donovan were such a sweet couple. They wanted their wedding day to be about celebration with friends and family! I love Kayla's non-traditional choice in dress! It was like it was made for her... and her colors were so fun and different :)

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After the ceremony I stole the happy couple for a few shots outside :) It was WINDY!!

 DSC_7464-288-78 DSC_7428-252-69 DSC_7433-257-70 DSC_7450-274-74

see what I mean...

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Then it was time to party :)

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.:*The Brown Family*:. said...

I love these guys, we know Donovan really good. What beautiful pictures! I never made it to there wedding cause I just had Prezlee. But Matt said it was just beautiful, and these pictures that you took are proof. Great job Brittany there amazing as always.

shandikimille said...