Olivia + John {Engagements} Part I

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A lot of planning and history went into this e-session! First of all, Olivia was one of Brayden's preschool teachers this year who he absolutely adored! So when she told me she was engaged I crossed my fingers she would give me a call (which totally worked! haha). Second, John was super cool by proposing on the same bridge that Bryan did to me :) which earned them major brownie points in my book. And third, The Bluebird is not only one of their favorite restaurants (and mine) but its also the place where her parents got engaged! So we went there first :)

 DSC_1430-5-1 DSC_1443-18-2 DSC_1448-22-1 DSC_1453-27-2 DSC_1468-42-3

This one makes me LAUGH! Gotta have fun right?!

 DSC_1488-62-12 DSC_1496-70-4 DSC_1528-102-5 DSC_1545-119-6 DSC_1553-127-7 DSC_1565-139-8 DSC_1571-145-9 DSC_1598-172-32 DSC_1636-210-41 DSC_1602-176-33 DSC_1640-214-10 DSC_1671-245-12 DSC_1685-259-13 DSC_1709-283-14 DSC_1719-293-15 DSC_1739-313-16

The Bridge... so dreamy :)

 DSC_1763-1-70 DSC_1774-9-73 DSC_1818-53-78 DSC_1828-63-3 DSC_1860-94-6 DSC_1885-119-90 DSC_1895-129-92

Okay... so here's the story behind the next collection of pictures. During our consultation, Liv mentioned loving two things... doughnuts and marshmellows. So later that week when I saw this bag of HUGE marshmellows it sparked an idea for part of their engagements... A CAMP FIRE! so enjoy :)

 DSC_1916-150-8 DSC_1911-145-7 DSC_1926-160-9 DSC_1939-173-103 DSC_1945-179-10 DSC_1947-181-11 DSC_1970-204-12 DSC_1981-215-110

Stay tuned for Part II of their engagements... :)


lauren said...

what a cute idea for the camp fire. Love the two of them cuddled up in the blanket :)

Alisha said...

That's a lot of engagements! They are super cute, good job Britt, as always!

jessica said...

Way cute! Glad she chose you :)

Flash Jorgensen said...

What a great set! Love the style! Great poses! Totally cute couple!

Amy said...

Uber cute session!!! Love the styling! The ice cream shop and marshmallo shots are adorable!!!