Camie + Tyler {Formals} & FEATURED!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had every intention of posting Camie & Tyler's formals today, but it looks like UTAH BRIDE BLOG beat me to it!! Which of course I am totally fine with :) That just means you can look at them on two blogs today! I just love the yummy light on these!! Camie loves my vintage edits so I had a lot of fun with them


Their formals.

 DSC_8399-293-54 DSC_8390-284-52 DSC_8410-304-56 DSC_8337-231-41 DSC_8341-235-43 DSC_8359-253-47 DSC_8423-317-59 DSC_8432-326-60 DSC_8316-210-37 DSC_8436-330-61 DSC_8461-19-66 DSC_8480-38-69 DSC_8558-116-84 DSC_8481-39-70 DSC_8477-35-68 DSC_8499-57-73 DSC_8524-82-80 DSC_8527-85-81 DSC_8609-167-94 DSC_8584-142-88 DSC_8536-94-82 DSC_8550-108-83

At the temple.

 DSC_8112-8-1 DSC_8116-12-3 DSC_8144-40-8 DSC_8175-71-99 DSC_8164-60-11 DSC_8195-91-16 DSC_8235-131-27 DSC_8213-109-24 DSC_8225-121-25

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Kyria M Dial said...

Brittany! I love these! My dog looks just like the one they were playing with! What a fun idea! So precious! I love the vintage edit. AWESOME!!!!!!!!