Christina + David {Wedding}

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If this doesn't give you any indication of HOW far behind I am on this bloggin thing, this sweet couple was married on June 22!! Holy crow how will I ever catch up? Between the traveling and the editing and life in general I am afraid its been on the bottom of the totem pole... but thanks to everyone who continues to come back just in case I got to it! :)

Well enough about me... more about them! Christina and David were seriously one of the nicest couples. They trusted my vision and went with it... plus Christina's vintage flair fit my style like a glove! I remember when she told me her colors I couldn't wait to see what aqua and gold looked like together and I was amazed! I love brides that are willing to try something new! I hope that they are enjoying marital bliss and I am excited their big day FINALLY made it on here!

 DSC_2780-210-45 DSC_2786-216-47 DSC_2812-242-55 DSC_2808-238-54 DSC_2818-248-57 DSC_2929-19-91 DSC_2928-18-90 DSC_2902-331-86 DSC_3038-128-117 DSC_3030-120-114 DSC_3137-227-142 DSC_3091-181-129 DSC_2833-262-61 DSC_2827-256-59 DSC_2870-299-76 DSC_3019-109-112 DSC_2847-276-65 DSC_2861-290-72 DSC_2851-280-67 DSC_2853-282-68 DSC_2854-283-69 DSC_2877-306-79 DSC_2880-309-80

And remember their SWEET Mini from their engagement session? ...

 DSC_2984-74-104 DSC_2976-66-102 DSC_2968-58-101 DSC_3009-99-109 DSC_3013-103-110 DSC_3133-223-141 DSC_3105-195-132

I absolutely Love that I captured this moment... ;) Take your wife somewhere nice!

 DSC_3109-199-135 DSC_3111-201-136 DSC_3122-212-139 DSC_3125-215-140

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