Natalie {Bridals}

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey isn't this my 3rd post this week?! Not to shabby :) Of course like always I am playin catch up, so here's a few of my favorites of gorgeous Natalie! And yes she is as sweet as she is pretty!

 DSC_4937-155-16 DSC_5006-224-24 DSC_5072-290-35 DSC_5096-314-36 DSC_5117-12-40 DSC_5162-57-46 DSC_5243-138-60 DSC_5200-95-52 DSC_5224-119-56 DSC_5255-150-63 DSC_5273-168-65 DSC_5297-192-68 DSC_5331-226-72

On the way back from the last location there was a train going by so we thought... what the hey let's get a shot :)


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Ella Bella Floral said...

Gorgeous shots! Lovely bride! You are so good:)