Natalie + Spencer {Wedding}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Something that I really love about my job is that over the course of so many months I get to know these amazing couples. Some of them met in college, some are high school sweethearts like me and my hubby :) Some knew that they were meant to be from day one... others had to take their time to finally realize that Mr. (or Mrs.) Right was right there! Case in point here with Natalie and Spencer. He knew, she didn't! haha but I am sure glad he was persistent! You two are such a gorgeous couple and I have loved getting to know your story!

 DSC_2737-7 DSC_2757-22 DSC_2767-32 DSC_2775-40 DSC_2969-234 DSC_3030-295 DSC_3046-311 DSC_3067-8 DSC_3080-21 DSC_3088-29 DSC_3102-43 DSC_3136-77 DSC_3148-89 DSC_3164-105 DSC_3151-92 DSC_3153-94 DSC_3169-110 DSC_3185-126 DSC_3199-140 DSC_3222-163 DSC_3213-154 DSC_3236-177 DSC_3260-201 DSC_3284-225 DSC_3288-229 DSC_3310-251 DSC_3329-270 DSC_3365-306

Just up from their reception site there was an amphitheater and GORGEOUS scenery!

 DSC_3400-21 DSC_3392-13 DSC_3408-29 DSC_3434-55 DSC_3453-74 DSC_3471-92 DSC_3496-117 DSC_3559-180 DSC_3529-150 DSC_3541-162 DSC_3544-165 DSC_3568-189 DSC_3576-197 DSC_3585-206 DSC_3592-213 DSC_3595-216 DSC_3613-234 DSC_3609-230 DSC_3621-242

The reception!
 DSC_3379-1 DSC_3626-247
 DSC_3669-290 DSC_3638-259 DSC_3641-262 DSC_3678-299 DSC_3666-287 DSC_3691-312 DSC_3710-327 DSC_3701-322 DSC_3764-43 DSC_3711-328 DSC_3716-333 DSC_3725-4 DSC_3728-7 DSC_3754-33 DSC_3746-25 DSC_3742-21 DSC_3762-41 DSC_3775-54 DSC_3791-70

This little boy cracked me up! Kids are always candid (notice the hand placement?!) haha

 DSC_3819-97 DSC_3841-119 DSC_3885-159 DSC_3893-167 DSC_3951-224 DSC_3964-236 DSC_4010-279 DSC_4049-318 DSC_4110-21 DSC_4114-25 DSC_4120-31 DSC_4127-38 DSC_4134-45 DSC_4138-48 DSC_3849-127 DSC_4183-91 DSC_4185-93-2 DSC_4175-84 DSC_4166-76


elise said...

These are beautiful times a million. I'm addicted to that cracked wall paper wall.

Ella Bella Floral said...

These are gorgeous Britt! Sooo pretty:)