Olivia + John {Formals}

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I just love happy couples! There are some that I could watch all day and can't help but be happy myself! That's what Liv and John are for me :) When you are around them, you can't help but put a smile on your face and love life. They are completely made for each other and their joy in every moment spreads like wildfire!
I mean just look at them!

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Did I also mention they are super fun? Cause they are!

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I have wanted to do this idea for a long time now. I love it!

 DSC_0545-289-59 DSC_0550-294-60

We found this little gem of a spot while walking back to the car. I am so glad we stopped because these ended up being some of my favorites... not to mention there was purple and yellow in the stained-glass window. Fate!

 DSC_0569-313-65 DSC_0575-319-66 DSC_0586-330-70 DSC_0592-336-Edit-1 DSC_0602-6-74 DSC_0624-28-78 DSC_0629-33-79 DSC_0631-35-Edit-1 DSC_0649-53-83 DSC_0652-56-84 DSC_0664-68-86 DSC_0681-85-Edit-2 DSC_0697-101-92 DSC_0734-138-100 DSC_0749-153-102 DSC_0747-151-Edit-3 DSC_0745-149-Edit-1 DSC_0781-185-106 DSC_0716-120-96 DSC_0731-135-99 DSC_0703-107-94 DSC_0763-167-104 DSC_0788-192-109 DSC_0842-246-122 DSC_0815-219-115 DSC_0813-217-114

And if you think they look happy now... you just wait until you see them on their wedding day! They were beaming :) Those pictures coming soon...


Abbey Hepner Photography said...

Awesome I love these!

Brooke Snow Photography said...

Yum! These are delightful, fun, and spirited! Love the fun balloons!

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elise said...

These are beautiful! I adore her shoes.