Shon + MY MOM {Formals}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You know... you work hard your whole life trying to teach them right from wrong, hoping that they choose good friends and make you proud! Then then day comes when you have to give them away and you just have to close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope for the best! ;) hehe

My mom... the Bride! I may be biased but I think she's gorgeous :)

 DSC_8199 DSC_8223 DSC_8204 DSC_8245 DSC_8255

Flowers by the ever so talented Ella Bella Floral team :)

 DSC_8263 DSC_8273 DSC_8279 DSC_8286 DSC_8307 DSC_8322

So driving to what I thought would be our next location we pass this house! and I made Shon turn around... its for sale... and I am pretty destined to be mine! or at least I like to think so...
bay window, balcony, rap around porch AND a white picket fence! swoon.

 DSC_8348 DSC_8358 DSC_8354 DSC_8371 DSC_8376 DSC_8383 DSC_8393 DSC_8398 DSC_8420 DSC_8428 DSC_8431 DSC_8451 DSC_8464 DSC_8481 DSC_8491 DSC_8527 DSC_8529 DSC_8507 DSC_8515 DSC_8519


Denise said...

GORGEOUS!!!! How special to be able to be your mom's photographer. P.S. I think I need to buy that house too.

Amy said...

Awe! Thats so cool that you got to do this for her! She is gorgeous! Great job!

Lexy said...

your mom is beautiful. I can see where all you girls get your beauty from! THe pics are so pretty. And the house I could totally see you guys living in it. :)

Ella Bella Floral said...

Amazing as usual! Thanks Britt for the special mention:) You are so good!!!