Alyssa + Casey {Wedding} in MONTANA!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alyssa is one of best friend's sister! I have taken "couple" pictures of these two for the past couple years and kept hoping to someday to be there for the BIG DAY!! And this September they finally tied the knot! and what a fun day it was up in BIG SKY COUNTRY! The location couldn't be more perfect for these two. I love the little details and and the red barn. And an isle down a WHEAT FIELD... yeah I was in heaven :)

And I just about die with these first few pictures... Casey didn't want to do his hair the wrong way and so we blind folded him so Alyssa could do it! He looked great and didn't see the dress. WIN WIN :)

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lauren said...

Beautiful job! :)

elise said...

These are stunning! And, I laughed at the first pictures too.