Olivia {Birth Story} Utah Birth Photographer

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I almost didn't make it to this one! Arlette had warned me that she can have fast labors and that her midwife was all the way down in Salt Lake. As soon as I got the call, it was rush rush rush to get down there! Luckily I made it with over an hour before little Olivia made her entrance into this world.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love birth stories. There is something so awe inspiring and miraculous about them :) This was #2 for me and I still have #3 to blog too.
Arlette did this au naturale with hypno-birthing!! It was so amazing to watch. She stayed so calm and centered the whole time. John was an excellent birthing partner, catering to her every need as you can see! Her sister was also there to lend her support!
I used this style of relaxation when I had Avery and its awesome!! I plan to do it again with the next one :)

 DSC_5154 DSC_5165 DSC_5156 DSC_5160 DSC_5163 DSC_5167 DSC_5175 DSC_5176 DSC_5178 DSC_5183 DSC_5188 DSC_5202 DSC_5195 DSC_5208 DSC_5222-2 DSC_5233 DSC_5235 DSC_5255 DSC_5290 DSC_5286-2 DSC_5299 DSC_5312 DSC_5326 DSC_5342 DSC_5332 DSC_5362 DSC_5372

Things started to get pretty intense at this point. She almost delivered in this position, but the baby was showing signs of distress so she had to get on the bed. It took switching sides again to finally get her here!

 DSC_5403 DSC_5406 DSC_5421 DSC_5427 DSC_5447 DSC_5440 DSC_5451 DSC_5463 DSC_5470 DSC_5472 DSC_5475 DSC_5483 DSC_5486 DSC_5497 DSC_5506 DSC_5511 DSC_5513 DSC_5515 DSC_5520 DSC_5522 DSC_5546 DSC_5566 DSC_5552 DSC_5582 DSC_5594 DSC_5602 DSC_5609 DSC_5614 DSC_5633 DSC_5640 DSC_5645 DSC_5663 DSC_5674 DSC_5675 DSC_5696

This little girl is going to be well loved and protected! She's got dad and 3 older brother's watching over her :)

 DSC_5713 DSC_5726
 DSC_5716 DSC_5735 DSC_5740 DSC_5751 DSC_5743 DSC_5749 DSC_5759

I am so happy for Arlette for finally getting her girl! :)

 DSC_5771 DSC_5778 DSC_5776 DSC_5782 DSC_5787

If your a mom to be and want to know more info about having your own birth story photographed, please e-mail me!


brooke said...

wow, those pictures give me chills. SO amazing!

Valerie Joy said...

I hear ya! I LOVE Shooting birth stories! What a miracle! You did an awesome job on this one !

The Tanners said...

Wow! So awesome! Maybe if we ever move to Utah for a baby we can have you photograph it!

Kelley said...

These really are beautiful Britt. You did amazing! IF IF IF I have another baby I want you to take pictures :)

Malissa said...

Oh Brittany! This one made me cry. I have 3 boys, I want a girl! This just made me SO happy to see a mommy finally get her girl! Maybe my next one will be MY baby girl! And you'll be there to capture it! Congratulations mommy!