Paige + Tanner {Engagements} Utah Wedding Photographer

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I told you that these two were coming soon!! :) But for me it wasn't soon enough. I was so excited with how their whole session turned out! It was like one happy surprise after another!! We started out this pink house that played in perfectly with the color palette for their wedding {pink, navy and cream}. I thought, cute house... cute couple. Check and check! What I didn't expect was the two antique cars in the backyard! What a bonus!!
Later we went to Tanner's parents house which will be the setting for their lovely backyard reception next month for some s'mores! They are one of Tanner's favorite treats and on the menu for the big day. Its always fun to think of ways to carry a theme from start to finish with my couples! :)

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