Lucy {Birth Story} Utah Birth Photographer

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watching this whole birth unfold was nothing short of a miracle. I met Holly, the amazing mommy, at one of my receptions that was hosted in their backyard! She was about ready to pop and was very interested in getting a birth story of her own after seeing them on my blog. This was going to be her last baby (#5) and completing this adorable family. I was so excited to be a part of documenting every aspect of it and seeing how involved every member of the family was! All the kids were so excited and stuck it out for nearly 22 hours of labor!!! whew! Holly is my hero. And sweet little Lucy was worth every bit of the wait...

 DSC_1337 DSC_1343 DSC_1341 DSC_1360 DSC_1364

Big sister Hannah was a huge part of the day. She helped the nurse and her mom as much as she could!

 DSC_1371 DSC_1374 DSC_1381 DSC_1387 DSC_1383 DSC_1390 DSC_1367 DSC_1394

Being that it was her last pregnancy, we did a little impromptu belly shoot :)

 DSC_1397 DSC_1406-2 DSC_1424 DSC_1427 DSC_1438 DSC_1435 DSC_1444 DSC_1447 DSC_1462 DSC_1469 DSC_1505 DSC_1513 DSC_1519 DSC_1523 DSC_1538 DSC_1531 DSC_1524 DSC_1552 DSC_1549 DSC_1558 DSC_1567 DSC_1577

Holly, her husband and the doctor decided that if nothing happened by 3:00 p.m. they would go for a c-section... low and behold, right @ 3 things started to really happen! Hurray!!!

 DSC_1573-2 DSC_1585 DSC_1590 DSC_1617 DSC_1622 DSC_1629 DSC_1639 DSC_1625 DSC_1648 DSC_1652 DSC_1655 DSC_1657 DSC_1658 DSC_1662 DSC_1666 DSC_1679 DSC_1688 DSC_1682 DSC_1689 DSC_1699 DSC_1702 DSC_1703 DSC_1722 DSC_1725 DSC_1732 DSC_1736 DSC_1737-2 DSC_1741 DSC_1744-2 DSC_1745-2 DSC_1749 DSC_1752-2 DSC_1762 DSC_1758 DSC_1769 DSC_1777 DSC_1774 DSC_1792 DSC_1799-2

This shot literally brought tears to my eyes while I took it...

 DSC_1800-2 DSC_1831-2 DSC_1846 DSC_1863 DSC_1875 DSC_1879 DSC_1935 DSC_1931 DSC_1941 DSC_1950-2 DSC_1963 DSC_1974 DSC_1955


Mandy said...

This is beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing the story, I got all teary eyed.

Chantel said...

ohhh my goodness, this is amaaazing!! my sisters is having her babe in march and i keep telling her she'd love to have one of these. this is one of the most amazing captures of a birth story that i have seen, soo much emotion; you did an incredible job:)