Getting back in the groove of things!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I don't know if its the piling snow outside (YUCK) or the fact that a horrible cold has planted me on this couch (DOUBLE YUCK)... but I am happy to get at least one more wedding done and up on my blog :) Its been a while since their preview, so let me reintroduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Celauro!! I love these two! I had such a blast at every shoot and they called me to get some "family" pictures with their new puppy this month... so I guess they had fun too! :) I am so happy to finally have these on here for everyone to see this happy couple! Now I just have to finish their album...Look at all those nephews!! All from the bride's side... and there's one more boy on the way!
We couldn't resist with a topper like that... :)
This was her reaction to the limo waiting outside! Gotta love it :)


Vanessa said...

Looks like a really fun couple!! I love the one with her dragging him...she knows what is up haha! Beautiful Job!

Suzanne said...

Great pictures Brittany! You got some great angles at the temple and I love the reception stuff - especially the cake with them in the background. So creative! The last one with her reaction and everyone else blurred is really cool too!