Its been a long time coming!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can't believe its been this long and how many posts later for me to finally finish the Wendi and Dusty pre-shoot post (sorry Wendi)... I guess that's what I get for just trying to keep up with things! I LOVE these pictures and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple! I had so much fun FREEZING our butts off that day up the canon and their wedding was amazing (so keep an eye out for that post, hopefully in the not so distant future this time)!! If you had a chance to see my add in the BLISS magazine from the Wedding Showcase, they were the main picture :) They have waited a while for these to be on here so give them some MAJOR blogin' love for me K!!

First we went to Season's At The Riter Mansion... seriously such a gorgeous place for a wedding!
See how windy it was?! BRRRR...
I LOVE brides that are up for anything!! :)


David Terry said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!!! You've done an amazing job, with posing, photographing and processing. All very well done!

Amanda said...

wow! these are amazing! you did a fabulous job and talk about gorgeous locations! the one with the groom and the bouquet is hilarious!