COLOR and a CUTE family!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I tried to get this post done the other night but was having some technical issues (as in technically I am a retard with new things on the computer sometimes) so if you saw there was a new post and couldn't find it... that's why!! I am just going to do my post the old-fashion way for now til I work out all the kinks with a new and fancier way to get my pictures on here... but trust me... you will know the difference when you see it!! The sizes are still a little funny for some reason, but they are still sooo cute!

Anywho, like any two year old, little Oliver here is the center of his parents universe! And can you blame them when he is that adorable?! I couldn't get enough of his blue eyes and cute personality! I am also secretly hoping that Sara loves these SO much that she has to have me for their wedding in July (wink, wink) :)

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