Its a... GIRL!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We finally found out what this little bebe was hanging around in my belly... a GIRL!! She was a little camera shy (oh NO) and modest, so it took a while to see the she was a SHE but now there's no question! Although Brayden was a little bummed in the beginning to not be having a brother, he quickly got over it and is excited to have ANOTHER SISTER!! Riley still has no idea but I am sure she will soon enough!
Here's our second little princess due the end of August!!Her profile looks a lot like her sister's did, so it will be fun to see if they look anything alike! :)


Sara said...

Congratulations Britt!! I am so excited for you!

M.Kerkmann said...

How exciting! Congratulations on the baby!

Suzanne said...

Wow! You are doing this kind of photography now? Kidding! She does look like her sister! So cute already! You make cute babies. Congrats girl!