Little Jack!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have the coolest Realtor ever! Although we are still working on getting our condo ready to sell, Tony is always so willing to answer any questions and show us any houses we are interested in! In the time that we have known each other over the last year, Tony and his wife got a little surprise... their little boy Jack! This is after three girls.. the youngest will be 10 soon! I got the chance to visit their beautiful home and take some cute shots of him!! He was asleep when I got there and not is usual happy self, but so darn cute just the same!! Here are some of my favs!Finally another guy in the house!
Aren't surprises the best ;)
PS If you need someone to help with buying/selling you should check out his awesome website!

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Lisa said...

Tony was our realtor... great guy. We just bought our first house a month ago. I'm into photography too. I love your work!