Chelsey & Josh!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bright & early Saturday morning I woke up to take my baby sisters formals! I was sooo excited that they were finally happening! And it was suppose to be thunderstorms all day, but we had great weather!! I will have a little sneak peak of some of those soon, but first... HER ENGAGEMENTS! I know I am a little behind on the blog front, but she was patient and hopefully it paid off!! We did two shoots for them... one in Salt Lake and one up here in Logan, so that means a lot of pictures! And because there are so many I am going to do it in two parts... so here's part ONE!!!


Crystal Nelson said...

Oh my. I always love your pics, but some of these are just absolutely amazing!

Adventures in Petersonland said...

britany, you are AMAZING! your sister is so lucky to have these pictures! im still kicking myself for not getting together with you when i was in loagn for maternity shots. it was such a crazy week and i felt like i wasnt showing that much to make it work. bummer that im not LOADED as i would so fly from anchorage to utah JUST to have you take some for me! definitely family pictures when we are in the area next. again, you are amazing and i LOVE every thing i see on here! hope your sisters wedding was amazing!