And the winner is...

Friday, October 23, 2009

LEXI & TREVOR!!! okay okay... let me explain :) Lexi was the super duper lucky bride that won the Wedding Showcase FREE Wedding Giveaway this past March!!! It was an amazing experience to be the photographer that not only got to spend the day with this awesome couple and their families, but also be the one to see what Cache Valley's "A-List" vendors can really do!! It was seriously GORGEOUS!! All of their hard work and donations of time and talent completely payed off! And Lexi & Trevor totally deserved it :) They were so amazing to work! Not to mention that Lexi and her mom have the greatest taste ever! The colors were so fun and vibrant and the energy around them was so much fun to watch. Well enough talk... here's the long awaited wedding of the year ;)

The girls gettin all ready!

 DSC_5016-23-3 DSC_5132-139-25 DSC_5145-152-27 DSC_5156-163-29

Lexi had already bought a dress before she won the wedding giveaway, so decided why not have TWO?! So of course I got beauty shots of BOTH dresses :) The won she wore for the ceremony and formals is a gown from Petals & Promises.

 DSC_5029-36-4 DSC_5059-66-11 DSC_5077-84-14 DSC_5180-187-31 DSC_5216-223-39 DSC_5258-265-48 DSC_5246-253-44 DSC_5271-278-49 DSC_5298-305-52 DSC_5320-327-57 DSC_5416-416-76 DSC_5414-414-75 DSC_5490-489-87 DSC_5527-526-94 DSC_5519-518-93 DSC_5514-513-91 DSC_5584-583-108 DSC_5571-570-106

If you can't tell, they had such a crazy~fun wedding party! :) The girls were super cute... but the boys totally WORKED IT!!!

 brides grooms

Then I stole the happy couple away for some formals!

 DSC_5650-14-118 DSC_5665-29-121 DSC_5667-31-122
 DSC_5673-37-123 DSC_5676-40-124 DSC_5710-74-130 DSC_5708-72-129 DSC_5744-108-135 DSC_5767-131-140 DSC_5778-142-144 DSC_5774-138-142 DSC_5793-157-147 DSC_5799-163-149 DSC_5784-148-145 DSC_5791-155-146

The Details...

 DSC_5886-249-162 DSC_5846-209-157 DSC_5891-254-163 DSC_5611-610-112 DSC_5616-615-113 DSC_5105-112-20 DSC_5631-630-115 DSC_5617-616-114 DSC_6030-84-185 DSC_6390-119-217 DSC_5807-170-151 DSC_6406-135-220 DSC_6400-129-219 DSC_5837-200-155 DSC_5825-188-152 DSC_5827-190-153 DSC_5835-198-154 DSC_5970-24-174

The candids :) mostly of their little cutie!!

 DSC_6080-134-191 DSC_5876-239-160 DSC_5903-266-166 DSC_6490-219-230 DSC_5905-268-167 DSC_6317-48-211 DSC_6409-138-221 DSC_5399-403-73 DSC_5116-123-22 DSC_5879-242-161 DSC_5551-550-102 DSC_6040-94-187 DSC_5558-557-103

And because they were cheerleaders...

 DSC_6434-163-224 DSC_6453-182-225 DSC_6454-183-226 DSC_6462-191-227 DSC_6503-232-232 DSC_6512-241-233


 DSC_5988-42-177 DSC_5980-34-175 DSC_5984-38-176 DSC_5991-45-178 DSC_6004-58-181 DSC_6010-64-182

The dancing...

 DSC_6178-232-198 DSC_6215-269-202 DSC_6250-304-205 DSC_6260-314-206 DSC_6277-8-207 DSC_6282-13-208 DSC_6611-322-248 DSC_6602-319-247 DSC_6618-325-249 DSC_6514-243-234 DSC_6522-251-235 DSC_6546-270-240 DSC_6548-272-241 DSC_6619-326-250
AMAZING HUH?! What a lucky couple and what a lucky PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Thanks for sharing your wedding day with me Lexi & Trevor! For a complete list of all the great vendors that contributed to their gorgeous wedding visit the Wedding Showcase Blog!


Kellee Smith said...

Oh Lexi your wedding was so adorable. I am sad I missed it. The couch looks awesome. I am so happy for you both! Brittany you did a great job.

Ella Bella Floral said...

Wow!!! That looks like one fun wedding... and you captured it so beautifully for them Brittany! All the vendors did such a great job.
ps. I like your new site design:) Keep up the good work!

BK said...

Brittney you are amazing!! Thanks so much for doing my wedding you were great!! I want to say thanks to my wedding designer Vikki Tingey with
Embellish the Moment who did such an awesome job with all of the decoration and ideas and her vision and talent to pull it all together for me!! I couldn't have done it with out her!!