Teresa & Joel's Wedding!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I am so excited to finally have their wedding day posted! Teresa is my mom's old roommate and practically family now :) They were such a wonderful couple to work with... very easy going and fun and it totally shows! Enjoy!
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Teresa use to work at the Lion House Pantry before her teaching job this fall, so we wanted to get some pictures over there just for fun! DSC_4748-51-85 DSC_4754-57-87
 DSC_4770-73-91 DSC_4766-69-90 DSC_4785-88-94 DSC_4799-102-98 DSC_4793-96-97
Her niece was all dressed up in HER white blessing dress :)

 DSC_4912-214-127 DSC_4886-188-120 DSC_4819-121-102 DSC_4957-257-137 DSC_4879-181-118

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