Chelsey & Josh- The Pre-shoot!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a perfect world for me being a photographer with gorgeous sisters who love getting their pictures taken!! I am so lucky! :) My baby sis Chelsey got married this past July (can't believe its been 3 months already!) and I am so excited to post their formals! Chelsey just has this sassy & sultry look about her that the camera (a.k.a me) can't get enough of it! I love her style and elegance! And Josh doesn't look so bad either ;) I am so happy for the both of them!

 DSC_7094-49-3 DSC_7089-44-2 DSC_7117-72-4 DSC_7131-86-6 DSC_7157-112-7 DSC_7178-133-8 DSC_7190-145-9 DSC_7274-229-1 DSC_7292-247-4 DSC_7294-249-12 DSC_7320-275-5 DSC_7237-192-11a DSC_7355-310-13 DSC_7369-324-14 DSC_7396-27-17 DSC_7382-13-16 DSC_7407-38-18 DSC_7441-72-19 DSC_7457-88-21 DSC_7447-78-20 DSC_7510-141-27 DSC_7490-121-26 DSC_7518-149-28 DSC_7532-163-29 DSC_7544-175-31 DSC_7554-185-33
Aren't they just the shoot-cutest couple you've ever seen?! I know, I know... I biased :)


Crystal Nelson said...

Beautiful as usual! I cant get over how much Riley looks like your sister!!

Tiffany Izatt said...

i love all of the locations and the colors! These are amazin!