Joni's Family :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I took Joni's family pictures a couple years ago... and since then they have grown quite a bit!! It went from 6 people to 13 (with one more due any day now!) !! It was so fun to see them again and meet all the new faces in this growing family!  DSC_3482-162-20 DSC_3703-81-56 DSC_3698-76-55 DSC_3532-212-28 DSC_3502-182-22 DSC_3514-194-25 DSC_3570-250-33 DSC_3574-254-34 DSC_3629-7-44 DSC_3624-2-43 DSC_3560-240-32 DSC_3556-236-31 DSC_3550-230-30 DSC_3600-280-39 DSC_3581-261-35 DSC_3594-274-38 DSC_3756-134-68 DSC_3742-120-64 DSC_3679-57-51 DSC_3360-40-6 DSC_3405-85-12

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Meandering Mel said...

What a beautiful group of people!!

(I love your new logo! I don't know when you changed it, but it's fantastic looking!!)