Cathy & Rob Engagements

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cathy and Rob came to me knowing exactly what they wanted for engagements! They had a lot of new ideas that were so fun to try out... one of which was guns! I haven't done this before so it was totally new to me, but I like how they turned out! We totally went for a James Bond-Shakin not stirred kinda thing :) But first we went to Casper's for some yummy ice cream and kissin!
 DSC_8600-42-6 DSC_8572-14-2 DSC_8591-33-5 DSC_8609-51-7 DSC_8651-93-11 DSC_8662-104-12 DSC_8718-158-17 DSC_8775-215-25 DSC_8746-186-21 DSC_8779-219-26 DSC_8813-253-30 DSC_8791-231-29 DSC_8818-258-31 DSC_8855-295-35 DSC_8849-289-34 DSC_8878-318-36 DSC_8909-6-39 DSC_8932-29-40

I love both of these!

 DSC_8935-32-41 DSC_8946-43-42 DSC_8977-74-48 DSC_9025-122-54 DSC_9045-142-57 DSC_9076-173-61 DSC_9086-183-63 DSC_9097-194-67 DSC_9139-236-75 DSC_9141-238-76 DSC_9185-282-83

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