Phoebe & Noah! Again :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

I guess they kinda like me?! hehe Just a couple months after taking Phoebe's newborn pictures, Alexis wanted some of Phoebe in her blessing dress and Noah looking like a little gentleman... suit and all :) I can't get enough of these cuties! Good thing I am taking their family pictures tomorrow huh?!
 DSC_9534-12-4 DSC_9531-11-3

Three generations of beautiful girls :)

 DSC_9576-50-13 DSC_9604-73-18 DSC_9612-81-19 DSC_9633-102-23 DSC_9638-107-24 DSC_9628-97-21 DSC_9646-115-26 DSC_9654-123-28 DSC_9674-143-30 DSC_9706-175-37 DSC_9722-191-40 DSC_9727-196-41 DSC_9737-206-43 DSC_9730-199-42

Little heart-breaker in the making!

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