Look who just turned one... :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

I love little Avery with all my heart! She's my friend little girl and I have been taking pictures of her since practically day one! I can't believe she is already one and going to be a big sister in January! (YAY for another cute baby girl to take pictures of) She's non-stop sweetness!
 DSC_9885-8-2 DSC_9888-11-4 DSC_9893-16-6 DSC_9909-32-11

This chair is a family air-loom!

 DSC_9916-39-14 DSC_9931-54-18 DSC_9935-58-19 DSC_9953-76-24 DSC_9990-113-30

Gotta love the cute accessories! They totally add to a session! Lucky for miss Avery here, her Auntie Randi is talented and loves her to have pretty's to match every outfit! Check out her stuff here!

 DSC_9983-106-28 DSC_9999-123-35 DSC_0008-130-37 DSC_0010-132-38 DSC_0017-139-40 DSC_0030-152-45 DSC_0024-146-44

The words "its my party..." come to mind! hehe


It didn't last long! She's to busy :)

 DSC_0050-172-51 DSC_0048-170-50 DSC_0063-185-55 DSC_0068-190-56

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LookieLooSuz said...

Wow these are adorable! So much personality too. Love them.