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Monday, December 14, 2009

A little baby boy changed my life :)

Brayden turned 5 this past Sunday and I can hardly believe it! He is growing up so fast and becoming such a little man. He amazes me everyday!! Today I took him out for his birthday shoot. For the most part he is so good about getting his picture taken... the only part he didn't like today was that his mommy kept changing her mind about what to wear! haha But once we got out there he was my perfect little model as always :)

 DSC_2405-82-5 DSC_2384-61-3

Always so full of personality! LOL

 DSC_2388-65-4 DSC_2333-10-1 DSC_2367-44-2 DSC_2444-121-7 DSC_2461-138-8 DSC_2482-159-9 DSC_2487-164-11 DSC_2504-181-13 DSC_2507-184-14 DSC_2515-192-16 DSC_2541-218-17

5 things I love about Brayden~

1. His amazing green eyes and those eyelashes... okay so technically that's two things but really when you look at them its just one killer combination! I have a feeling they will help him get his way a little to often with the ladies someday ;) I could stare at them all day!
2. His incredible talent with anything ART! Whether its drawing, painting, coloring, creating... you name it... he loves it!
3. His endless imagination! He can make up the cutest "stories" to tell his sisters and me all day long!
4. His thirst for knowledge! This kid is like a sponge! He wants to know as much as he can about everything... especially dinosaurs these days!
5. That he is mine. I feel so blessed everyday that he calls me mommy! He is the biggest sweetheart... the best big brother... a boys boy for daddy! I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing kid but I am glad I did! I don't know what I would do without my bubba! :)


LookieLooSuz said...

He is so adorable! Great pictures and location. I love all his cute faces!

jessica said...

These are so cute Brittany! Now I have to take Ashton there by that 5next month! Love it!
Happy Birthday Brayden!

Chrissy said...

I can't believe Brayden is 5 already!! My how time flies. The pictures are so adorable! He is the cutest kid ever!