Mikaela & Joey - The Pre-Shoot

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This couple seriously makes my job a breeze! I thought their engagements were fun, but their formals were a blast!! I love them! We made sure to stop at the temple to get a few because with their wedding just a week away, it will no longer look this green and alive! Gotta love Logan in the winter... I wish them the best of luck! Its no question that they will be a happily married couple come Tuesday!

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See what I mean... LOVE THEM!

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Lexy said...

I love how those fotos turned out!!! My fave is the very last one with the sunset. Beautiful!

Mila Julia n Ryan said...

OMG these are great!!! I loved the head shot of her where we can see how pretty her eyes are. Wowww!!!!