Hayley- Senior Rep. for Logan High 2010!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You may remember this gorgeous girl from her cheerleader session this past summer!! Hayley is my senior rep for Logan High this year. I just love this girl! She's a natural in front of the camera and up for just about anything. We actually did two sessions to get all the shots I wanted for her :) The first session also included some of her younger sister Hannah (who's post is coming up next) and her boyfriend Jordan came along for a couple too (which was kind of a tradition you could say... her dad was there for her mom's senior shoot! Funny huh?). I am sure its going to be a long post because I just can't narrow it down anymore~
P.S. If you know anyone who would be a great rep for your school... e-mail me!

Here's some of my favs from the first session!

 DSC_8395-41-8 DSC_8407-53-12 DSC_8476-122-27 DSC_8484-130-29 DSC_8487-133-30 DSC_8573-219-49 DSC_8563-209-45 DSC_8560-206-44 DSC_8614-260-56 DSC_8643-289-61 DSC_8656-302-64 DSC_8670-316-66 DSC_8659-305-65 DSC_8676-322-67 DSC_8695-7-69 DSC_8703-11-70

And now for the second session!

 DSC_0019-20-6 DSC_0020-21-7 DSC_0039-40-12 DSC_0054-55-15 DSC_0065-66-17 DSC_0071-72-19 DSC_0077-78-20 DSC_0083-84-22 DSC_0097-98-25 DSC_0094-95-24 DSC_0125-126-30 DSC_0120-121-28 DSC_0143-144-35 DSC_0160-161-37 DSC_0174-175-40 DSC_0177-178-41 DSC_0196-197-46 DSC_0204-205-49 DSC_0209-210-51 DSC_0221-222-54

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Chelsey said...

Holy wardrobe changes! But she is gorgeous and the poses and locations are fantastic!