Isn't she lovely?!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I just love Kaylee! She is one of those brides you just want to go above and beyond for because she just lets you know how much she loves everything you do!! She always tells me that she doesn't even worry, because she trusts me completely. And although sometimes that can be a heavy weight to carry, it never felt like that at all with her!! She made it so much fun to be around her and she is just so dang gorgeous! And just check out her dress?! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Funny story with the bridals... being a busy bride, she accidentally forgot her flowers for her shoot. So this little bouquet was put together by yours truly in about 10 minutes (after a trip to the store with her dress and all) ... don't worry I will definitely be leaving the floral arrangements to the professionals from now on! But I was glad we got some pretty colors in there to add that extra pop :)

 DSC_9349-34-9 DSC_9329-14-2 DSC_9334-19-3 DSC_9368-53-11 DSC_9376-61-13 DSC_9355-40-10 DSC_9396-81-18 DSC_9415-100-23 DSC_9423-108-26 DSC_9421-106-25 DSC_9468-153-36 DSC_9449-134-33 DSC_9488-173-39

And then just for fun we tried some night shots... I love the drama!

 DSC_9541-226-45 DSC_9544-229-46


Chelsey said...

I LOVE these! She is beautiful! Her style and your photography go seamlessly together!

Crystal Nelson said...

That DRESS!!! Gorgeous! The flowers look great too! ;)