Scheib Family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a lucky guy surrounded by all these pretty girls :) This family were such troopers! It had to be one of the windiest days I have ever shot on. Our hair was blowing everywhere, but they just kept on smilin' for me!

 DSC_8718-11-3 DSC_8726-19-4 DSC_8738-31-6 DSC_8761-54-10 DSC_8773-66-12 DSC_8798-91-17 DSC_8805-98-19 DSC_8833-126-24 DSC_8837-130-26 DSC_8869-162-28 DSC_8895-188-32 DSC_8904-197-34 DSC_8929-222-39 DSC_8954-247-46 DSC_8957-250-47 DSC_8964-257-48b

1 comment:

Angie Sims said...

My favorite colors are brown & blue! You really made them pop in these photos! Love them!