A week and three years ago... :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Okay so busy mommy=Late on posting about my Riley turning THREE!! I am seriously beating myself up over this!!! I seriously can't get over how big she is getting and how funny my little Roo really is! She is her own little person that's for dang sure!

Last weekend we had a birthday party for her... the theme was a mini-carnival! Not much you can do with it being March and crappy outside, so we decided to have it in a church gym... lucky for us kids really don't care :) We had the daddy's, uncles and friends give "pony" rides, played bean bag toss, blew bubbles, played a fishing game, ate pink ice cream cones and got our faces painted! I think its safe to say everyone had a blast! Even all the adults got their faces painted (daddy's was a little scary... but he's a fan haha)! :)

Getting all pretty!

 DSC_0592-11-1 DSC_0633-52-1 DSC_0663-82-1 DSC_0694-113-2 DSC_0719-138-3 DSC_0811-230-5 DSC_0789-208-4 DSC_0824-243-6

I of course had to steal her away for just a minute to take some pictures... she looked just like any little girl should on her birthday! Mommy picked out the dress and Grandma bought it, the boots were from Auntie Ashley, the pettiskirt was from Kynzee and Kambrie (their mommy Brittany Dixon with oolalaboutique made it) and the bows matched perfect that Randi from Piggy's and Petals made! Everything came together and she just worked the camera for me!!

 DSC_0747-166-1 DSC_0753-172-3 DSC_0758-177-5 DSC_0763-182-7 DSC_0764-183-8 DSC_0760-179-6 DSC_0773-192-13 DSC_0775-194-14

Now all I need to know is how they for being so tiny like this...


to so grown up like this... :)


My three favorite things about Riley:
1. Her sly little smile... and how much her dimples show when she does it!
2. The way she makes daddy feel like a rock star every time he comes home from work and hugs his legs!
3. How independent and smart she is... she's a force to be reckonded with, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I hope she always knows exactly what she wants and goes for it!

Happy Birthday Riley Roo!! WE LOVE YOU!


Lexy said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe she is already three! That weirds me out, cause that makes me remeber Noah will be three in November. :/ Wow time flies. She is a doll! Love the shots especuially the one where she is looking away and you only see the umbrella and boots.

The Dixon Family! said...

I love all the pictures. Talent explosion :) Of course she's adorable and the party was a blast. So glad we were back for it!

Anonymous said...

You're photos are beautiful and your opening song, "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas touches my heart. That song came out at a time when I needed to hear those words the most. Thanx for the convenient reminder of grace.

Check out my blog: http://ltyndall.blogspot.com/

Chelsey said...

Love you sis!! These are so cute!! I love my little Roo!