Annie & Robbie

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Annie and I went to high school together and graduated the same year. It was so fun to catch up with her and meet Robbie who was one of the sweetest guys! You can tell them were just made for each other. Even though she had to endure the cold, she looked fabulous in her vintage gown! And I love how they performed a tap routine for their guests and had live music the whole time!! It was just what I would picture for Annie! Congrats you two!

 DSC_3232-107 DSC_3259-112 DSC_3321-129 DSC_3329-131

I had a little fun with some edits on these!

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Some of the amazing performances were done by her brother (below with guitar) and one of his old mission companions, recording artist Aaron James Karr (on the piano... youtube him!)

 DSC_3670-256-182 DSC_3695-281-189 DSC_3883-114-210 DSC_3887-118-211 DSC_3890-121-212 DSC_3972-203-227 DSC_3973-204-228 DSC_4064-295-238


SuddenBurstOfClarity said...

Absoulutely beautiful.
where did she get married?

Alisha said...

Awesome! Nice job!

Oo La La Boutique said...

Ok seriously... I think these are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen! I felt like I was there! haha They are so amazing. What a gorgeous bride and her dress is TO DIE FOR. Literally. Wow. Love them all! Great job!!!

Chelsey said...

Britt! These are fantastic!! She is beautiful and their pics are so so good!!! Love her style.. haha hmm i wonder why?

madisonStirling said...

You took amazing pictures,
and there's something about the way you capture the most beautiful angle of a scene.
I love it.