The Wedding Showcase and ME!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who made The Wedding Showcase so great!! From all the family and friends that helped my on my booth, the amazing brides that stopped by and the other wonderful vendors that I am grateful to be numbered among!!

I really did have the best time! I got to meet with so many fun girls and their fiance's, moms or friends... talking about what their wedding plans were and just getting to know them! I am really excited for all my consultations coming up and the weddings that I have already booked! Its going to be a blast :)

I loved how my booth turned out! I wanted it to have a real vintage feel to it and I think it all came together beautifully! :) Its so fun to see something in your head and then have it come to life... like many of the pictures displayed there!!

Here's a few shots I got of all the details :)
 DSC_2706-122-2 DSC_2713-129-4 DSC_2716-132-5 DSC_2733-149-10 DSC_2711-127-3 DSC_2731-147-9 DSC_2575-24-8

The goodie bags :)


I want to mention some of the amazing businesses that helped in my booth...
Ella Bella for their gorgeous flower arrangements!!
Embellish the Moment for the awesome doors, linens and other accessories!
And Norm with Studio 7632 for some fun things like the body form to add to my booth! :)

And of course the biggest thank you goes to my amazing hubby that makes all my dreams possible, who supports me every step of the way and who brought me Jimmy Johns for lunch that day! Love ya babe!!


Alisha said...

I wish I could have stopped by, it looks AWESOME!

LookieLooSuz said...

Seriously the most amazing booth I've seen. You rocked it girl just like everything you do. I hope those bride's realize how amazing you are and book you!!

Kyla said...

oops, this is Kyla, I'm signed in on my mom's computer, lol

francine said...

Oh my!!!!! Your booth was gorgeous!!!! Everything turned out soooooo good. I love the blue chairs and the table. I am so happy this turned out so great for you. Your pics are gorgeous. Love you!
Now if I can assist you on all the shoots you lined up it would be perfect :) j/k

Vanessa said...

Girl...this is beyond words AMAZING!!!! WOW!! Way to ROCK IT!

Cascio Photography said...

Thanks everyone!! you are all so sweet! I really hope the bride's were just as impressed! :)

Megan Maughan said...

Your booth looked awesome! (judging from the pics) You're so talented! My sister is your blog stalker...and when I say stalker...I mean like full blown stalker! L0L! She is an aspiring photographer and totally admires your work! Every time I talk to her, she goes on and on about how awesome you are...and she doesn't even know you personally! I told her I'd give her your number, she wants you to do a session of her family sometime! Hope that's okay! Congrats on being so successful! You're AMAZING!

Olívia Németh said...

Lovely blog!!

April said...

Your booth was amazing!!! Love the turquoise chairs and yellow chandelier! All the details were so impressive! I met you briefly at the reception friday night. I was greeting guests at the door.

Ella Bella Floral said...

Brittany you are just oozing with style... your booth was so adorably impressive. Way to go!!! Can't wait for our shoot in May! Thank you!!!

Flash Jorgensen said...

WOW-SERS!!! I love it!!! It looks amazing! You do amazing work and what a great booth to show it all off!

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