Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't you just LOVE her name! When I was making her announcement I just kept saying it over and over :) It certainly has a nice ring to it! Good job mom and dad! Of course you would expect something cute... after all her big brother's name is Oliver :)

 DSC_8419-7-2 DSC_8430-18-4 DSC_8466-54-11

Here are some of my FAVS!!

 DSC_8472-60-13 DSC_8477-65-15 DSC_8482-70-18 DSC_8488-76-21 DSC_8493-81-22 DSC_8506-94-26 DSC_8500-88-23 DSC_8509-97-27 DSC_8510-98-28 DSC_8528-116-32

He was such a trooper :)

 DSC_8532-120-34 DSC_8547-135-40 DSC_8541-129-38 DSC_8566-154-45 DSC_8580-168-46

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LookieLooSuz said...

These turned out great! Love the ones of her and her brother, so sweet.