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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love that I have seriously watched Melissa grow up before my very eyes... first with her seniors, then her wedding and now I get to watch her cute little belly grow :) As always her and Kyle were a dream to work with... and I loved that fog rolled in right as we got started!

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The next set of pictures should be pretty obvious... pregnant girl and McDonald's cheeseburgers! I wanted to document one of her biggest cravings :)

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And speaking of baby... :) I guess this would be a time when being so behind in blogging is a GOOD thing... I can post little Kellen's pictures too!! So here's that cute baby behind the belly!

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The Dixon Family! said...

Lovely pictures! Every single one! Not that they are ever anything less than that. You are soo talented!

Alisha Denice said...

Very Beautiful