Just plain GIDDY!

Monday, May 3, 2010

That's how I feel about these engagement pictures! I have been dying to post them since they day they were created and I am so GIDDY that I finally am!!! Kelli & Alex have such an amazing and fun chemistry. They genuinely love being together! It also helps that Kelli's amazing sense of style and my imagination are the perfect combination ;) Normally I go in order of when the pictures were taken, but my favorite goes first this time. Her friend made the following comment on it via good ol' Facebook:
"Okay, you've died and made it to heaven. Things like this only exist in Jane Austin novels"
That girl is my hero!


Now enjoy the plethora of pictures you are about to feast your sweet little eyes upon... there's a million!

 DSC_1248-44-10 DSC_1259-55-13 DSC_1220-16-4 DSC_1209-5-1 DSC_1228-24-5 DSC_1233-29-6 DSC_1268-64-16 DSC_1272-68-17 DSC_1277-73-18 DSC_1312-108-24 DSC_1344-140-29 DSC_1378-174-34 DSC_1387-183-36 DSC_1411-207-40 DSC_1440-236-45 DSC_1470-266-50 DSC_1476-272-52 DSC_1490-6-55 DSC_1486-2-54 DSC_1503-19-59 DSC_1512-28-62

So a little story about the next set... after getting them to sit down and getting the shot all lined up I asked them if they felt like we were all a bunch of hippie's yet. First I got this picture...

then this one... (thanks for humoring me Kelli!)


and finally this one! Alex is one very serious hippie if you ask me ;)


See why I love these two?!

 DSC_1560-76-1 DSC_1554-70-72 DSC_1537-53-67 DSC_1544-60-68 DSC_1564-80-75 DSC_1573-89-77 DSC_1580-96-79 DSC_1603-119-83 DSC_1612-128-85 DSC_1613-129-86 DSC_1630-146-3 DSC_1658-174-95 DSC_1661-177-96 DSC_1678-194-100 DSC_1699-215-105 DSC_1687-203-5 DSC_1715-231-6 DSC_1746-262-122a DSC_1742-258-121 DSC_1753-269-124 DSC_1787-303-134 DSC_1773-289-129 DSC_1856-56-10 DSC_1840-40-147 DSC_1829-29-8 DSC_1902-102-164 DSC_1911-111-167 DSC_1936-136-171 DSC_1970-170-179 DSC_1974-174-180 DSC_1947-147-174 DSC_1958-158-177


Blakely said...

Wow!!! I love these amazing pictures!

Alvord Photography said...

These are very pretty. I {heart} that first shot!

kelli and alex said...

We love you brittany!! thanks for bringing our happiness to the camera :)

Amy said...

Love this session! Amazing work! These are beautiful!

Desiree said...

Those are absolutely AMAZING photos, Brittany! And you're right, they are a CUTE couple together. Congrats to them, and to you for such a skillful job as always.

Jessica's Photography said...

Those are so fun!!! I love them! Good work!

Alisha said...

ooo! I like...a lot!

jessica said...

Fabulous as always Brittany! Love them :)

Olivia said...

This is my favorite of all your shoots! SO cute!

Music in Media said...

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Rory x

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck I LOVE them! I'm so jealous of the sun rays!

Angie Sims said...

It looks like you just took pictures from a movie! Beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

pretty awesome!