Caitlin + Kyle {Formals}

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

See the way I titled this one? I think I am going to do that from now on for a couple reasons...
1. Its just nice and simple! easy-peasy the way I like it. A couple other photogs that I know do it that way and I like it!
2. It will make it easier to use that little search bar up there on the right hand corner when you want to find some of your favorites sessions to look at over and over again right!? ;)

Anywho, enough of the boring stuff... on to the real reason you get on here... THE PICTURES!
Here's Caitlin and Kyle, who I met at the Wedding Showcase back in March! I actually took Kyle's younger sister's wedding pictures as well :) C & K got married down in the Vegas Temple on the 5th of June but wanted some formals before the big day!

 DSC_3106-74-17 DSC_3095-63-13 DSC_3118-86-19 DSC_3149-117-22 DSC_3181-149-27 DSC_3190-158-29 DSC_3200-168-30 DSC_3238-206-36 DSC_3229-197-34 DSC_3249-217-40 DSC_3261-229-42 DSC_3310-278-49 DSC_3320-288-50 DSC_3374-41-56 DSC_3379-46-57 DSC_3435-102-65 DSC_3419-86-63 DSC_3449-116-66 DSC_3460-127-68 DSC_3466-133-69 DSC_3472-139-70 DSC_3481-148-72 DSC_3493-160-75


Olivia said...

Ok I love this shoot! The 5th one down with him standing behind her best. SO pretty Britt!

Nikki said...

I LOVE your wedding stuff....Love! (: