Kristi + Ariel {Wedding}

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You would think that I could avoid doing any work entirely while I am up here in Washington, but NOPE! haha I have had some down time so I decided to try and catch up on my poor blog! Considering that this is my 3rd post today I think I am doing pretty good :)
Kristi was referred to me by a fellow photographer and it was so fun working with her and Ariel! You can tell they are so happy to be together and in LoVe!

 DSC_9650-8-2 DSC_9667-25-7 DSC_9673-31-8 DSC_9790-147-34 DSC_9823-180-43 DSC_9854-211-49 DSC_9916-273-62 DSC_9931-288-65 DSC_0018-31-82 DSC_0090-103-100 DSC_0147-160-112 DSC_0165-178-116 DSC_0195-208-120 DSC_0201-210-121 DSC_0205-214-123 DSC_0305-314-150 DSC_0298-307-147 DSC_0328-331-156 DSC_0227-236-129 DSC_0239-248-132 DSC_0395-66-174 DSC_0392-63-173 DSC_0418-89-179 DSC_0420-91-180 DSC_0426-97-181 DSC_0430-101-182 DSC_0433-104-184 DSC_0436-107-185 DSC_0467-138-191 DSC_0558-229-202

Now that the first dance was over, it was time to really boogy :)

 DSC_0589-260-212 DSC_0530-201-199 DSC_0592-263-213

Also in the spirit of getting caught up on things... here's a few of my favorites from her bridal session too!

 DSC_6753-103-20 DSC_6804-154-27 DSC_6866-216-31 DSC_6874-224-33 DSC_6898-248-36 DSC_6963-313-44 DSC_6966-316-45 DSC_6992-16-50


shandikimille said...

haha I love the one with the kid doing a hand stand! nice!

Toks Hussain. said...
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Becky said...

Great photos! ♥